Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some people found and used concordle

Google the concordle and you might find its use. As google is becoming more clever to search
mis-spelled information, it becomes difficult to find real
concordle as compared to "Concored el ..." or "Concord Le ....".

Still, by adding more words, one can find some. There is a new one for me:
This one just recommends to try concordle at
(look for Frank Rapport says:
April 5, 2009 and the next comment)

Steve Neufeld:

Steve is using concordle in courses. One example, with text about concordances, historical:
Here concordle is kept with a nicer original input:

University teaching: Real Teaching - University College London:
"An Introduction to Word Grammar" by Richard Hudson
Look for "....lexical relations and morphology in your text, as follows...."

Diigo: Stephen Thergesen's List: Ultimate English
There is a tag for concordle:

Friday, August 27, 2010

UTF-8 and other pleasures

When I played with concordle 2 years ago, the world was only very little UTF-ized, so concordle works with the text where A is 65 and B is 65, while @ is 64. And so on, the unwanted signs as quotes and commas can all be listed easily, there are relatively few of them. So when you copied a text from a page into concordle, usually all went well. Now the world is UTF-8 and perhaps even threatening to become UTF-16-ized, I do not really know.

Warning: as the situation is now, concordle can do strange things with a new text, because it might contain encoding which upsets concordle's simple mind knowing ASCII-like with a little bit of some ISO.

What is UTF-8? UTF-8 (8-bit Unicode Transformation Format) is a variable-length character encoding for Unicode.(yes: So I will need to do some more work on this soon!

For now: If you want to use a bit seriously concordle, be sure that the entered text does not contain "variable length encoding". It can be quotes (why are quotes not just a simple thing? Do not ask me!) or even a hyphen or minus (hyphen and minus are not the same thing, you see!). I will need to dive into Unicode and its 8-bit cousin - or incarnation.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Concordle and Many Eyes

Concordle - Not so pretty cousin of Wordle
Concordle lives at earlier:

SO I HAVE MANAGED TO UPSET THE TEMPLATE! Perhaps sometimes I will fix that. Does anybody know how?

Concordle and Many Eyes (as well as Concordle and Wordle )

What I call Concordle seems to be related to IBM's Many Eyes
in particular

It also seems that the "Double Concordle" (which is now just a test using "frames") at my
also does things similar to the IBM services - but as a Toy perhaps.

My service is that you can take the page with you, do anything with it, except of trying to misuse it somehow (do not quite know how, but .... ). Also, I am not trying to steal the ideas from Many Eyes, I simply followed the "Wordle Cloud idea" and played sometimes with "the Concordle"

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Concordle - Not so pretty cousin of Wordle ( October )

Concordle - Not so pretty cousin of Wordle
Concordle lives at

This is a picture gallery of wordles and concordles
The pictures of wordles are made by

SO I HAVE MANAGED TO UPSET THE TEMPLATE! Perhaps sometimes I will fix that. Does anybody know how?

Disclaimer or Claimer: I am a physicist, not web developer.
Part of my motivation for this project is simply to learn JavaSript to a certain degree
necessary for my plans to do some graphics using Canvas and some simple teaching
examples using an approach similar to Concordle. This means: Simple "Rapid Prototyping"
style of programming; Rather richly commented code; You can see the code most of the time;

Another piece of motivation: I would like to have examples for the discussion of
the sad state of programming on this Planet. All the libraries, objects, version controls,
Visual Studio(s) and IDE system (integrating development environments) make the code
unavailable. Here is my tribute to spagheti code - but with comments.

Concordle is a TOY. But I hope that you will see its potential. New features kept coming
up - keeping me from my other work (a bit). Now concordle is in a stage I can live with.

I would like to have a Twin Concordle, where all functions are working for two parallel texts,
clicking on one will also do similar things in the other one (the concordance snippets) - and
these could be seen beside each other. But for this I think the code should be a bit redesigned.

As you can see in the code, it just contains copies and copies of copies of code snippets and
functions. This should be filtered into smaller number of functions with slightly more general
functionality - and after all - a little bit of code design.

Ultimate open source

At this address
you can click on

It will download Concordle into a HTML/JavaScript Editor.
You can change things in the source and run the Concordle.

You can save the changes as new versions of concordle.
How: select the text in the editor and paste it to your favorite
text editor (NOT microsoft word! ) - or notepad or .....

Help text in Concordle

What can you do with Concordle?

It is easily understood when you just click on all the links.

I have chosen to use the links instead of buttons, they have the same usability, but the links are simpler. They just work.

In the first text field is as a standard my example text.
This can be cleaned and new text entered, probably you will just copy some text from a web page.

The omitted words - they are omitted from the analysis and the display,but they are kept in the memory.

The cloud of words can be clicked on - snippets of neighbouring text are shown in the concordance area.

You can also click on the various snippets - i.e. on the middle word there - and a new large snippet of about 60 words will appear. The omitted words are visible there.

All of the extra text areas can be closed by clicking on the appropriate link

How to save something from this page?

If you use SeaMonkey, you can copy and paste the text into the composer window, change the fonts to anything reasonably nice, and save the results.

The cloud can be shrinked or stretched. Try that

This page is the programme. Just save the page and you have the program too.

The whole source is about 770 lines, many of them empty. From these 770 about 500 lines are the program in Javascript, with many comments. You might be able to change many details in function and appearance, if you read and change the source.

To change the source, use a text editor. Read also the bottom of this page.

This is all "preliminary", but you never know, it might stay that way.

Plans: Add color variation, improve the table cloud function, make a double concordle.

This help text belongs to the first usable version, September 30th, 2008

And here is a screenshot with hints:

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Concordle - Not so pretty cousin of Wordle - Picture Gallery

Concordle - Not so pretty cousin of Wordle
Concordle lives at

This is a picture gallery of wordles and concordles
The pictures of wordles are made by

SO I HAVE MANAGED TO UPSET THE TEMPLATE! Perhaps sometimes I will fix that!

made by Wordle

made by Wordle

made by Wordle

made by Wordle