Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some people found and used concordle

Google the concordle and you might find its use. As google is becoming more clever to search
mis-spelled information, it becomes difficult to find real
concordle as compared to "Concored el ..." or "Concord Le ....".

Still, by adding more words, one can find some. There is a new one for me:
This one just recommends to try concordle at
(look for Frank Rapport says:
April 5, 2009 and the next comment)

Steve Neufeld:

Steve is using concordle in courses. One example, with text about concordances, historical:
Here concordle is kept with a nicer original input:

University teaching: Real Teaching - University College London:
"An Introduction to Word Grammar" by Richard Hudson
Look for "....lexical relations and morphology in your text, as follows...."

Diigo: Stephen Thergesen's List: Ultimate English
There is a tag for concordle: